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“The bicycle has helped me very much not only in my business but in my day to day chores as well”, says Joshua Chibbela. Joshua Chibbela is a small scale farmer who lives in the outskirts of Chongwe, in Kapululwe ADP. He is married and has four children. He has been growing vegetables and rearing goats for the past seven years in order to support his family. he also benefits from the activities such as health, malnutrition and HIV/Aids programmes.


Joshua started with a loan of $50 in 2010, which he invested in his garden by buying fertilizer, seeds and other inputs. With successive loans, he expanded into goat rearing business as it had health returns. To help him effectively manage his expanding business empire, Joshua got complimentary bicycle loan for $150. “I had difficulties getting my produce to the market and transporting goats from the villages until I heard about VisionFund’s Bicycle Loan Product”. Currently, Joshua is servicing his sixth loan cycle of $300 and is always up to date with his repayments.


“The bicycle also helps me to take my children to school which is very far from home, about 20km away”. Joshua has two school-going children: one in Grade 1 and the other in Grade

3, while the other two are still young. The bicycle also helps him to transport his family to the hospital when they are not feeling well, as the clinic is about 30km away from his home.


Joshua is grateful to VisionFund for providing the bicycle. “The bicycle has really changed my life. I had difficulties with transporting my goods to the market before I got this loan. The school and clinic are also far away from my home, it has helped me deal with the transportation challenges. I now I have more time in my business”.


His future plans are to expand his business by cultivating more land and selling more goats. He hopes that VisionFund can provide him with a bigger loan and another bicycle to support his family.



Caption A: Joshua taking his wife to the clinic. Caption B: Joshua transporting a goat to the market.


Mr. Joe Mundaindwa using cart to sell vegetables in the Chongwe Market Square

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Can you imagine walking miles to get water for your family every day? Or walking still further, carrying heavy bags of produce to sell in a far away village as a means to make your living? This is the reality for many people living in Zambia. Having a bicycle in this rural setting improves access to social and economic services and reduces the time spent fetching water or transporting goods.

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