Sample Fundraising Letter

Dear (Name here)

I want to share something with you – and ask for your help!

Can you imagine walking miles to get water for your family every day? Or walking still further, carrying heavy bags of potatoes, tomatoes, bananas and other produce to sell in a village far away? This is the reality for many people living in Zambia, Africa.

The best tool to help these small-scale farmers and families is a bicycle.

In the Zambian rural setting, having a bicycle reduces the time spent fetching water or transporting goods and improves access to social and economic services.

World Vision through its partner microfinance organization, VisionFund International, provides bicycle loans to enable loan recipients to increase the productive capacity of their businesses. The bicycle loan not only provides for the bike, but also includes a variety of tools and services needed by small-scale entrepreneurs.

VisionFund Zambia allows those who have always been regarded as un-creditworthy the opportunity to access small loans and improve their quality of life. In addition, the bicycle itself is an asset —allowing family members to engage in other activities such as transporting sick children to health care facilities in other towns, as well as dramatically decreasing the time it takes for children to travel to and from school.

On July 15, 2017 World Vision will be hosting the 6th Annual Aspen Invitational 100K. I am joining riders in the Aspen community along with riders from across the U.S. for this challenging ride through the breathtaking mountains in Aspen, led by members from the U.S. Women’s Pro Team. I am riding to support this cause and I would like to ask you to support me financially or be a part of my team. When you’re part of my team, you can join the ride or collect pledges from your friends to support this project.

This year, our goal is to raise $300,000 for the Zambia Bikes & Loan Project. Please support me in this cause by donating on my webpage at Or by sending a check (made out to World Vision) directly to me at (your address). Together we can empower men, women and children in Zambia by helping provide simple sustainable transportation and economic sustainability.

Kindest regards,

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Sample Fundraising Letter

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