Why We Ride


The Aspen Invitational Bike Ride is an initiative of Brake the Cycle whose goal is to raise awareness and funds for World Visions’ mission to help the poor in Zambia. We are passionate about the fact that access to clean water and a bicycle can transform a life. To date, World Vision has provided over 50,000 bikes globally to men, women, and children and they are the largest provider of clean water. Together with Aspen Invitational supporters, our hope is to provide more bicycles that support life changing access to clean water.  


World Vision has been empowering people out of poverty for the past 65 years. They are a global leader in providing proven and effective solutions that help communities progress toward self-sufficiency by working together to create lasting change.

More than 95 percent of World Vision staff are based in their home region, bringing critical knowledge of and sensitivity to local culture and customs. Currently there are nearly 700 World Vision employees in Zambia alone.


Every day nearly 1,000 children die from disease caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation and unsafe hygiene practices. The search for clean water is an arduous task. These are problems that can be solved in our lifetime.  

World Vision reaches one new person with clean water every 10 seconds, and with your help will reach 20 million by 2020. As the world’s largest provider of clean water, World Vision is more than a water charity. It addresses education, health, and economic development. Bicycles help answers many of those needs.

A bike donated by World Vision can:

    • Give water sanitation volunteers access to rural villages
    • Provide a mode of transportation to healthcare workers
    • Help a child get to school
  • Transport goods to market

Our goal for 2019 is to provide 200 bicycles and access to clean water for 4600+ people in Zambia.